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We are always looking to bring opportunities to our people. At CreeQuest Corp., our close relationship with industry help bring those opportunities to you. Partnerships, like the one we have with Aramark, give so much to our people. We look forward to new partnerships and consistently work to strengthen existing relationships. Apply today!

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Your general application should include an updated résumé, references, a cover letter detailing your strengths and desired jobs.
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Once you get the job, our work begins.

We hear a lot about Recruitment—“finding that right person to fill that role”. At CreeQuest Corp., our goal is not to only assist our partners in filling roles but, to also put emphasis on retention. We understand that both recruitment and retention are important to our partners and the companies that we work with.  Therefore, we have dedicated personnel that can provide support in filling the roles, follow up on work performance, and provide support to the company and employees when required to ensure our employees remain with the company long term.

When applicants speak with our Employment Team at CreeQuest Corp., it is not a formal interview, we want to get to know you, your goals and what position would bring you the most gratification—then we match you with based on the requirements of our partners.

We can also link you to outside organizations that can provide additional employment supports if this is required. 

At CreeQuest Corp., we care that you succeed.  YOUR success is OUR success!

Please send an email to to discuss further about CreeQuest Corp.’s Recruitment and Retention strategy.