CreeQuest Corp.



For Our Future


Our community has connections to the life around us. We are connected to the water and land, and the air we breathe. Since time immemorial, our people have acknowledged and made decisions based on those connections. We recognize that our decisions affect our descendants and should reflect our ancestors.

CreeQuest Corp. sees a future where our people are living life to their fullest. The difficult choice of either buying food or winter clothing for themselves and or their family will no longer be. We see a future for our people where they can afford healthy food and quality clothing for all seasons. Because our people know, to be prepared and enjoy our land, we have to be properly dressed.

We see a future where our people are aware of our Indigenous history and the shared history we have as a people experienced since European contact. Our people will know the old ways and will know the new ways. Together, our culture and the new relationships with the people around us will be an inspiration.

Helping Hands


*note: slideshow of BODs helping

The Board of Directors try at every opportunity to partake in community events as volunteers. Although we enjoy participating as patrons, we also enjoy offering a helping hand. It is our personal contribution to building a healthy community.

*note: an image of financially helped so far, possibly citing the journey to 1,000,000.

Sharing Ideas


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Community events of all shapes and sizes require planning, coordination, leadership, and technical know-how. The Board of Directors and CreeQuest Corp. staff are ready to offer their expertise, knowledge, experience, and wisdom. All you have to do is ask and we will see how we can share you in the most efficient and effective way.

Financial Help


Sometimes, there is that community program, music artist, grass-roots movement, youth-lead project, or something truly inspiring comes to us and asks for a little help. And because we see their vision and it moves us, we act and support them.

Yes, we can do what needs to be done on our own; that journey builds resiliency. Asking for help also builds resiliency.